Interactive Culinary Experience

Event Details

  • Price | Inquire
  • Group size | min: 10   max: 300+ guests
  • Start time | We offer flexible start times
  • Duration | 2.5 – 3 hours
  • Transportation | Available upon request

How it works

Interact with colleagues as you work with ingredients, learn recipes and/or compete in teams during one of a kind culinary experiences. Indulge in a delectable meal that you helped prepare for select themes.

Team Building

The Interactive Culinary Experience is ideal for team building as guests display creativity, exchange ideas, and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Current Themes

Chicago-Style Pizza: Team up with your colleagues to prepare Chicago’s famous deep-dish or stuffed pizza. Compete to create the best pizza based on an assortment of ingredients and toppings to choose from.

Italian-Style Pizza: Compete in teams to create the most flavorful Italian-style pizza. Select from a variety of toppings as you prepare and perfect this tasty traditional Italian favorite.

Mixology: Learn how to make Mojitos as you muddle to bring out the refreshing flavors of this traditional Cuban cocktail. Next, prepare an Old Fashioned as you perfect the sweet and savory flavor of this classic American cocktail.

Cupcake Wars: Battle with your colleagues to design the best-looking cupcakes. Get creative with tasty toppings as you and your team decorate and frost this sweet treat for dessert.

Contact a Chicago Dine-Around event planner at 312-437-3463 or [email protected] for more details on the Interactive Culinary Experience.

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